Tuesday, January 13, 2009

celibacy and the law of chastity

sex. its a hot topic no matter what,but it seems to take on the strangest dimensions in mormonworld. even stranger when you get into over30singlemormonworld. i had been divorced for about 6-7 years when i decided that getting married again might NOT be the worst thing ever and that in order to get married, i would probably have to date(who makes these rules?!).i chose a lds dating site.i had no preconceived notions that all on this site would be uber-righteous, but i had no idea the soddom and gamorrah that awaited me. with a few exceptions, all the contacts started out innocently enough,but within a few minutes the im conversations took a decidedly cyber-sex turn. it would happen so quickly-i didnt see it coming-then i felt like some high school girl slapping a boys hands away.like i mentioned, i am 40 years old, so i was surpised when these KIDS, i mean KIDS, 21-26 years old began to hotly pursue me.now, i am no troll. i am pretty cute, but probably not cute enough to be a cougar.even if i was, i dont know if i would have the patience to deal with a man-child like that. ANYWAY-what i figured out was these kids figured out, by either their brilliant deductive reasoning, or by EXPERIENCE(mmmmm...sisters?)that the older, divorced girls are EASY and have lots of fun things to share with the boys online.

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