Sunday, January 18, 2009

sundays and the single girl

ok-i hate to say it;actually i dont hate to say it, but i hesitate to because i do believe they serve a purpose. singles wards. i hate them. hated them when i was 18 and i hate them now that i am 40.i am in a family ward. its great. the first one since my divorce that just accepted the cool, divorced chick. as great as it is, some sundays find me sad at seeing all the families. my ward is particularly young, so you know what that means: babies. young couples and babies. sometimes when i see these couples sitting close together in the pew-his arm around her, she's leaning in....sigh. i always wanted it. got used to not having it, but with my recent wedding plans down the makes me sad. so close, but no go. sigh. its a void that creates such an ache in me. again, feels weak to even put those words out there, but they are the truth.

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