Monday, January 19, 2009

sick and single

i hate being sick. there are a million reasons why, but one of the biggies is that when you are single, you dont have that special someone to bring you soup and ginger ale. i think i touched on this on a recent post, but i am still sick and still feeling miserable. fighting with the ex-mr wonderful which makes everything worse. i really am stuck in a co-dependent craze with him. its truly not my style, but my conviction that he was THE ONE was so strong, i kept doing the dance, thinking i would learn the steps and we would glide gracefully on the floor together. i have friends and family at the ready. they will bring me soups and get me otc remedies, but they didnt pick me. they are stuck with me in a sense. can you tell that i tend to get a tad depressed when sick? i need a nap, but feel like i want to write something. something profound, but all that is coming out is big baby whiny crap. sigh.

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