Wednesday, January 14, 2009

more sex and the good mormon girl

i sincerely intended to write more on yesterday's entry regarding sex. its on everyones mind. i went out with one man who told me he agreed with the law of chastity "in theory",but thought the church should alter its stance for divorced persons since they were previously sexually active. i personally think that is crazy. i understand why he is saying it. kind of. comitting to a celibate lifestyle after living a sexually active one is difficult. i just dont think that single members of the church(in general)try hard enough.i am not talking about living like a nun or some monk,but PEOPLE can we keep it zipped up? i need to do some research and post the actual statistics, but we KNOW that jumping into sex too fast is a BAD thing. it creates issues, none of which are good. i remember reading a study several years ago making the argument that pre-marital sex and co-habitation does not improve the odds for a successful marriage. quite the opposite. divorce rates are actually higher for couples who have lived together before marriage. i digress. i do that. ramble. get off on tangents. anyway. i think there are blessings to be had for following the law of chastity. its not always easy and certainly explaining to your dates(even the active members)can be a nightmare. i hate the fact that even members look at you like you are a freak because you havent had sex in 10 years. sigh. during my time on the lds dating site i could just sense them clicking back on my picture, thinking that i must have posted a phony shot or a very old one at the very least because the reason i am not having sex MUST be because i dont get offers due to unfortunate looks or something.

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