Monday, February 23, 2009

light at the end of the tunnel

whew. finally feeling better. i cant believe how long that drug on. all thoughts of jumping off the nearest cliff have have been quieted by a much stronger body and a slightly healthier mind.
i wish i could say the same of my heart. its numb from the repeated breaking. mr ex man is doing the most exit damage he can do. stuff that should never be said. ever. even if it was true(its not), good taste and basic manners would dictate not saying it. i found out saturday that in less than a months time i can be in mr ex mans town. its a whole series of coincidences and blessings. still not sure, but i could have a free ride and room and board AND get to see this lovely couple sealed for time and all eternity. and maybe see mr ex man. i want to call and tell him, but i just dont think its a good idea. i am doing a lot of praying. will dedicate my fast next week to this situation and pray for the answers to be revealed to me. i truly want the right thing. Heavenly Father's will. and if that could mean me and mr ex man being together and happy-I WANT THAT!!!

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