Tuesday, March 30, 2010

smc beauty

“Beauty is the result of realizing what is special about you and not focusing on the things you don't like.”
— Bobbi Brown

no matter who you are or how plain you consider yourself, there IS something special about you. if you cant figure it out on your own, ask someone you trust. they will tell you. heck, send me a picture and i will tell you.
one of my favorite examples to demonstrate this is a woman i photographed years ago who was very plain. almost unfortunate looking, but not quite. she was well groomed and dressed nicely, but there was nothing remarkable about her looks. she was comfortable in front of the camera and the sitting went well, but when the proofs came back...OH MY GOSH! she was stunning. i never saw such an extreme example of the camera loving someone so much. we all have something-for her, she was incredibly photogenic.
the list of what i dont like about my looks is a mile long and no matter how much i am told how beautiful i am, the list is never edited. i think its a curse specific to women, regardless of their confidence level.
i was blessed with pretty blue eyes and good skin. whenever i want to feel really good about how i look, i really play up my eyes when i am doing my make up. for others, it might be beautiful, sexy lips or a graceful neck(i lack both of these).
i have always taken good care of my skin and it has served me well, but the years keep coming and they tend to walk all over our faces, so i have to step things up a notch so that i dont end up look like the crypt keeper.
i found this GREAT moisturizer that i never would have tried if a dear friend had not gotten me a kohls gift card for Christmas. i hate kohls and never shop there, but when i found out they had a "beauty" section i knew exactly how i could use that gift card!
i purchased the good skin all bright moisture cream and it is fantastic. as we age,our skins cell turnover process slows and it takes longer for the new fresh cells to surface and replace the dead, dry cells. exfoliation counteracts this slowdown and the good skin all bright moisturizer delivers on this. i had an immediate improvement of tone and texture. the normal price is 22.00, but kohls regularly puts 10.00 coupons in the sunday ads, so i got almost half off! makes the whole discovery even more beautiful.

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