Saturday, March 13, 2010

just because it made me laugh

and no other reason. i have pretty much discarded "how to marry the man of your choice" for the sheer ridiculousness of it. i mean, i know there are some legitimate points, but COME ON! consider the following:

after me, make it coffee or tea.

a man behaves quite differently when he's satisfied than when he's sexually hungry. after sex, he may not be as considerate. if you're eager to ask a favor from him, or want to press an issue that will require his giving in, ask him before he's sexually exhausted.
after intercourse, the man will have little energy left. let him sleep if he wishes. then be prepared to revive him with coffee, sweets, and appetizing snacks. when your man achieves sexual satisfaction early in the day, he may be exhausted for hours. if you dont revive him, you may find yourself spending the day with a grouch. i f you have sex at night,his body naturally recovers energy in sleep. by morning, his need for you is returning and he will be up to par
consider yourselves enriched and edified.


  1. i know!the thing that gets me is how its almost she is recommending you turn into a waitress after sex. give me a break.

  2. That is way to much information! And so silly. That is not how my man behaves. Whoops- TMI?

  3. Wow, just WOW. I can not even believe someone would write that, let alone sell a book with that written in it.

  4. my ex-husband could be a complete neanderthal, but he didnt act like this either. its like she is dumming men down or something. i dont know-just bugs me. debating on posting about her chapters about how a woman should wear her hair and make up to attract a man. sheesh!
    kelly-not tmi, no worries