Monday, March 1, 2010


i didnt go to the dance. there are a couple of pretty good reasons why, like it was at a church that would take me an hour to get there and the fact that i hated the band that was playing the gig. all things i could have overcome, but decided to bail. still procrastinating posting a profile on ldsmingle or planet. sigh. sometimes i wonder if the issue is mine and the situation would change with an attitude adjustment OR i sometimes consider that i am ABSOLUTELY, 100% RIGHT to stay away from all that stuff. i am racking my brain for any real success story showing that a relationship between two "faithful" lds was forged at a dance or on the internet. i need some examples to build my faith(not really faith, then is it?). anyone KNOW of any couple who is happily married that met at a dance or on the internet? lets hear it!


  1. Yes I do! My 35 yr old single sister made a deal with God that she would do all she could to meet someone for one year. She was married about 6 months later to a very nice LDS guy.

  2. Also, do you live on the east coast or west coast? Just curious.

  3. Wait-- your SA dances have a BAND? That's awesome. I was wondering what you decided to do. Internet, yes, both of my cousins met their wives on the internet (although they have both been married three years or less, and they were matched up with people who lived close to them so it wasn't a long distance courtship). Dance.... no I can't think of a soul.

  4. kelly- so what did she DO? pray a lot and go to every dance(yuck)or did she get even more extreme and tie herself to a volcano or something?
    midwaydancer-not all the dances have a band. this one did, but i am not sure how cool it was.
    i think a big part of my problem with the internet dating was that with a few exceptions, they were all long distance. THE DRAMA of it all.

  5. I have known a number of people who have met their spouse on the internet and a few who have met their spouse at a dance.

    I don't think its really about where you meet them, its in how to do the relationship. You can meet people anywhere. I like what Kelly had to say about her sister's experience, and its something I've thought about myself. I think so many of us put limits on how the Lord is going to bless us in this way. Frankly, we have no idea how we are going to meet our spouses at this point. So why put a limit on where you go or what you do (with appropriate boundaries)? Its like saying, "God I want you to bless me with the righteous desires of my heart but only if its inside this box I've made so I don't have to go to a dance, do anything online and everything should work perfectly from the beginning of the relationship." I truly don't think the Lord works like that. Else we would never be challenged and grow into what He wants us to be instead of what we see for ourselves. He has much bigger plans for us that we have, if only we allow Him to work.

  6. SMC-My sister has always been very shy around guys. She was the academic type who threw herself into school and career. She also had a weight problem for many years, but lost it a few yrs ago and got healthy (that helped). She got lots of offers to be set up but she really didn't know how to relate to men/flirt/etc.

    She didn't want to one day look back and see missed opportunities she could have had. She had been hiding herself for many years. So she did the scary thing (a huge step for her), and put herself on the internet on LDS singles, and maybe one other site. She and her room mate made some goals to attend one activity for the singles a month or something like that. She lives in Utah so she had more options possibly. She had to sift through some odd ducks before meeting her husband. And even with him, she didn't warm up to right off. She kept calling him her "practice boyfriend". He is a very nice man and she is very happy. Don't hide your light under a bushel! : )

  7. hey jennvan! missed seeing you around here! hope everything is going well.
    i think you are right. i dont think there is any one place to meet someone that is superior than the other. my mom seems to think that meeting at a church function is the only way to go. i wouldnt care if i met him at the gas station or land fill(i hang out there a lot)if he was the right guy.
    you have me thinking about putting limitations on HF when asking for blessings. i dont think i do that, but its definitely worth some thought. thanks again!