Thursday, March 4, 2010

smc loves make up! cover girl review

one of my best friends in the whole world gave me two new cover girl items. we have been best friends forever and even if she didnt give me make up, i would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. she is the best. the make up is just icing on the cake.
bff works with buzz agent and gets all kinds of free products. sometimes they send her multiples and ask her to share to get additional opinions.
the first product i tried was the smoky shadow blast in bronze fire. it is two creamy eyeshadow sticks in one that glide on beautifully. the colors go on more subtle than you would think, but look very pretty. the creamy texture is not very long lasting, but performs better than other creamy shadows i have used.if you go to the cover girl website they have a video on how to apply for a smoky eye look.the bronze fire colors are extremely versatile i have used them a couple of different ways. on their own, wearing each color solo or layering one over the other, but i have also combined them with eyeshadow i already had in my make up bag with wonderful results.
next, was the shine blast, color 805-radiate. i love this stuff! the color is just the perfect pink i have been looking for. great shine and just enough shimmer to be pretty, not ridiculous. the only thing i would want to change is that i would like it to be a little longer lasting. it does better than many lip glosses i have tried. such is the nature of lip gloss, and reapplication is necessary.
cover girl was the first make up i started buying with my babysitting money in junior high and i still find it to be one of the best drug store brands you can buy. a girl can never have too many lip glosses!


  1. I don't wear makeup usually, but on the rare occasion I do, I love me some Cover girl :)

  2. me too! they seem to keep up with current trends, so you can try something new for pretty cheap. love it!