Monday, April 13, 2009

conference kick in the ass

our rs president has been driving home something President Monson said in the final session of conference. "your future is as bright as your faith". normally, this is the type of thing that would inspire me. really inspire me. just made me feel more angry. my faith isnt bright, but its making me think. putting the responsibility back on me. its rare, but this is a time that i am playing the victim. i dont want to be responsible for my broken heart. my circumstances. i can honestly say that nothing is a direct result of my own bad choices or bitter heart, but right now, i am not taking control. i dont feel empowered in the slightes. i want to be rescued. i hate that i am even saying it, but its true. spent a life time rescuing myself. want my knight to gallop up and save me. sigh.

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