Sunday, April 26, 2009

mr nice guy

soooooooo. after about 6 weeks of not hearing from mr nice guy he calls me yesterday. sigh. he is so nice. he is sweet. he is trapped by a life he will not make a move to escape from. i know he loves me. i for sure loved him. once. it just fires up such anger in me. he and i had made plans to be married. he was really wanting to do it fast, but then all the details of his crazy life came into focus. then i wasted more than a year listening to his promises of change. nothing ever changed. nothing ever happened. its embarassing. i get so pissed off. just when i am settling down and facing life again. he calls. he loves me. he wants to be with me, BUT HE DOES NOTHING. i know if he pulled his head out he would be a very loving and kind husband. he would do anything for me, but he wont break the chains that bind him now. as i typed that, it sounds like he is married or something. hes not married. no infidelity. i might have to blog about it later. his life is insane. even if he did break away, i doubt he could ever be normal.

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