Sunday, April 5, 2009

not thinking. greater understanding?

i used to be very judgemental(didnt feel that way at the time, but it was)about people who drank or used drugs to escape emotional pain. face your problem. use the gospel. we have The Atonement, whats your problem? there's more, but you get the idea. i also never understood people who settled for someone that wasnt a true fit for them. mediocre or even bad relationships just to have a warm and breathing body next to them in bed each night. i get it all now.i feel bad that i was so harsh. i usually kept these thoughts to myself. maybe expressing them to a few like-minded friends, but never confronting a person who was doing it. none of my business, right? i have not acted on these feelings. i know the outcome would be disasterous, but i get it now. get why people have drunken one night stands. turn to drugs to escape the thoughts that haunt them without ceasing. kind of sad. i hate being here. praying to get out soon.

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