Friday, April 24, 2009

tears are falling

wonder if anyone will catch the 80's hair metal reference in this post's title? probably the one faint glimmer of humor that i am feeling.
the silliest things are making me cry. reading a book. watching john and kate plus 8. i am just so sad. i have decided to do the 90 day dating detox that the Millionare Matchmaker recommends its been about a month so far and i am not realizing how used i got to either mr ex man or mr nice guy calling me after a few weeks of silence. i really dont think i will hear from mr ex man again. i will probably post more on that later, but for now, that will suffice. i really told mr nice guy to go away. i have told him before and it never sticks, but he has now gone longer than he ever has before, so i am on my own. i am sure i could do the co-dependant thing and call either one of them. engage mr ex man in an argument or get mr nice guy to come running. so far i havent done either. if you want something different, you have to do something different, right? it just stinks. i get now why people run into the arms and/or bed of the next closest person. makes you forget. makes you feel wanted and loved. even for a second. still not doing it. just get it now.

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