Monday, September 20, 2010

cleaning green

i am no tree hugger. i dont wear birkenstocks(anymore) or wear patcholi(ever), but while i might not agree with the average tree huggers fashion, fragrance, or political choices, i do agree(somewhat)that we are killing our planet. i hate all the chemicals in our modern cleaning supplies. cleaning with those products gives me a headache and i dont feel well for a few hours afterward. luckily, i was given the solution. its been passed around our ward after an enrichment meeting about keeping your house spotless. super easy and cheap and it wont make you sick by exposing you to icky chemicals with indecipherable names.
cleaning green all purpose cleaning solution
1tbs borax,
3tbs white vinegar,
2 C water,
1 tbs dish soap
essential oils can be added for smell but I havent tried it.

i used a funnel to pour the ingredients into an old spray bottle that i had washed. this stuff works like a dream and you dont have to worry about toxic fumes.

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