Saturday, September 4, 2010

what was i smoking?

this song was playing in my head this morning. i havent heard it in forever and i never saw the movie-if the video is any representation of the movie, i dont think i missed much. the only connection i can think of, and its a weak one, is that olivia newton john was on the glee rerun this week.


  1. Yeah, I never saw it either, although I did see the concluding skating sequence. Great song though. Sorry that ELO is dead -- I liked much of what they did.

    Just noticed "Noble Pig" on your Blog List. Lummi Island is part of my ward.

  2. i liked elo too. good sound, but i dont think it would work today.
    i love noble pig! she has some good recipes. i really liked her buffalo chicken dip. i made it for super bowl sunday and it got rave reviews.