Monday, September 27, 2010

signs of the apocolypse

i went to a single adult fireside last night, but that isnt the sign. i am considering going to a dance. I KNOW, I KNOW!! its crazy. it goes against just about everything about me, but i am still considering it. so make sure your years supply is in order and that you have all your emergency/disaster kits up to date. you never know what will happen if smc(yes, i am referring to myself in the 3rd person)goes to a dance.
the fireside was great-the topic was something that was incredibly timely and needed to be addressed. it was about successful dating and communication. really good stuff and the kicker is that the speaker was single. been divorced for quite some time and he even joked about how he had seen some of us on ldsplanet. i thought that was pretty funny.
i ran into an acquaintance that used to be in my ward before she divorced her husband and went to the singles ward. turns out since her divorce she has left her shy, mousy persona behind and is now the belle of the ball. she was introducing me to a ton of people, but mostly men, which is surprising since normally women far outnumber the men at these type of events. it was pretty well balanced.
it was a busy weekend. i chatted with two new guys from the dating site. i have a "phone date" with one tonight and if it goes well we are planning a date for saturday.
i got used to my hiatus. this is weird, but i am embracing it. stepping outside the box and going with it. for now. until it gets too scary and my head wants to blow off. it could happen.


  1. If this was facebook I would "like" this entry.

  2. Never underestimate the possibilities of attending a church dance. I was 33 when I met my husband, he is also 6 years younger than me and we met at a church dance. If one attends such dances with no expectation of meeting datable guys then one will never be disappointed. I had said after my mission that I would never marry anyone I met at a dance, because I had yet to meet any great prospects, to give me that expectation. Keep up the good fight.

  3. i think my anxiety about dances was born long ago in jr high where i towered over the boys and i rarely got asked to dance. i went to dances in hs, but mainly with boyfriends. tall boyfriends. :)
    i always got asked to dance at institute dances, but now? i just dont know. maybe you are right, just need to go with zero expectations.