Sunday, September 19, 2010


i noticed recently that i have gotten a few more followers. i love this! to me, it is very exciting,but i understand that some of you have hundreds, so my mere 40 is a spit in the bucket.
i tried to figure out who was first, but i was unsuccessful. i do know that a few like blazzer and sleeves hidden have been around for a long time. again, i really appreciate you guys stopping by and reading(maybe mocking?) my random thoughts and rants.
i also want to thank you for all the comments. blain, we dont mean to brag, mom2my10, midwaydancer, and tripphazard thank you for commenting frequently and always keeping the comments interesting. i love "talking" with you guys.
thank you to everyone who has even commented once, even anonymously. i appreciate them all.
love, smc


  1. you're welcome! Thanks for your comments too!

  2. watching the soaps, but I do believe commenting on each others blogs not only helps us with our writing, but with our networking as well. I hope you stop by my blog as well. Have a great day, I enjoyed this post.