Saturday, September 4, 2010


i love that i am getting croc ads here. i love crocs-they are this generations ugly, but comfortable shoe. i have a few pair and they are the best-i want to try their fancier shoes-like the 4 inch heels. i cant even imagine being comfortable in heels that high. i wore my 3 inch heels to church last week, ended up being on my feet way more than normal and i paid for it. i used to wear high heels every day, working a job that i was literally on my feet the whole time and it never bothered me. now? not so much.


  1. eh... I'm of the mind that crocs are only good for those under 4, those who are out in the mud gardening or nurses...

  2. i wear them almost every day to schlump around in, but if i am going ANYWHERE, i put shoes on. they are so comfortable that i just dont care if they are ugly. just like earth shoes and birkenstocks.