Thursday, September 9, 2010

oh really?

i really have a big mouth OR the few people i told about my date have really big mouths. its probably both. people keep asking me about my date and as i recount the events, things that i briefly forgot keep popping up. like the fact that as my date told me all about his divorce and custody woes, he interjected some stories about getting back into the lds single scene. apparently he has dated and befriended a couple of different women who are now married to other people(did they do it to escape his divorce stories?), but they all left their mark. one in particular told him that he was the best kisser she had ever experienced. seriously? are you bragging? is that a referral-hoping that i will check it out to see if i agree with her? i dont know how i forgot that little tid bit. i can find reasons or excuses for just about everything else he told me, but i thought that was a major breach of first date manners.


  1. sounds like this one is to be avoided. He really needs to brush up on the do's and don't of dating post divorce. Namely...not until you.are.ready. xo

  2. you are so right!!! the dating pool is so shallow at this point that i dont even think its worth wading into anymore! the drama is just too much for me!!!
    if he ever called me again i was going to give him a few pointers. :)