Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tom, dick, and harry

in a fairly short period of time i have gained 3 men(boys, guys, whatever)from the dating site. the most recent just joined me on sunday and so far, he is my favorite. i am making an effort to be cautiously optimistic as opposed to my former just cautious self. it seems to be paying off. maybe because they are older and dont seem to be quite the players that the 30 something guys are. not sure. maybe timing is everything. i just dont know. fingers crossed for me people! i think i will have a date with harry(most recent, my favorite) this weekend. tom is pretty far away and i am not sure where that will lead. as for dick-he just told me that his divorce isnt final yet. sigh. nice man, but just wondering why the hurry. maybe because his wife cheated on him and he needs some affirmation. again, i dont know. there is so much i dont know. it used to really piss me off, but now...i think i am getting used to it. not sure if thats a good thing or not.


  1. A date with Harry? Sounds exciting. Good thing you are staying away from those 30 something guys that are quite the players. I like the upgrade to cautiously optimistic. I think the next upgrade should be to optimistic. I am keeping my fingers cross for your date this weekend. I hope you like him and end up kissing him!

  2. i sense sarcasm, tripp...:)
    i am going to slather on the lip gloss and give him a big ole kiss.
    but probably not. i dont really operate like that, but maybe i should. maybe that can be part of my optimism.

  3. Ha ha, sarcasm? I am for kissing as much as anyone out there. As long as there isn't lip gloss involved. But maybe it would make you a bit more optimistic if you turned it into a bit of a game. Maybe at the beginning of the date, if things are looking promising, you could say "You just earned one point. I am not going to tell you how. But if you get to ten points, I want you to know that I will let you kiss me if you try."

  4. i thought you were being sarcastic about the 30 something players.
    would you find a game like that fun?

  5. maybe. i could also see it backfiring BIG TIME. :) timing would be everything, for sure. when you wax my legs, we can play it. :P