Monday, August 31, 2009

cougar in the grocery store

when jake from confessions from a mormon bachelor pad called me "cougarlicious", i laughed. blushed then laughed. i had to reconsider the whole thing today. in the grocery store today i found myself flirting with a KID who might have been 25. maybe. he started it. he saw me looking at a silly poster in the chip and snack aisle and made a funny comment. it was truly funny, so i laughed and we stood there flirting like crazy for a few minutes. he was super cute-i usually dont go for the blondies, but he was sweet, had an amazing smile and was nice(or a well disguised serial killer. hard to tell sometimes). i moved on to finish shopping and on my way to the check out one of the bags of chips fell from my cart,so i went to replace them. i happened to pass him again so i sweetly asked him(ok! i might have been batting my eyelashes and shooting sparkles at him)if he would trade me my chips for his. he simply smiled and said "sure". i kept smiling at him as i passed by and went back to the chip aisle to get a new bag. shameless!!! i beat it the heck out of there. i am on a dating hiatus!!

1 comment:

  1. Curses were that me it would have gone like so:

    Cougar: Could I trade you my chips for yours?

    Jake: I don't know, it might cost you your phone number.