Sunday, August 16, 2009

sex and starbucks

is there any connection? probably only in my weird, stream of consciousness mind. when reading some of the comments from my post on mormon matters it got me thinking about obedience. its human(mormon)nature to, on some level, pick and choose what gospel principals we will follow. i wont have sex before marriage, but i will drink a pepsi. there are others who wouldnt dream of partaking of any caffeinated beverage yet will break the law of chastity because they believe it represses a natural and healthy aspect of human nature. i know i am over simplifying, but you get my meaning. so many of us members are into the facade. make it look like its perfect even when its not. there is evidence that some caffeine and even red wine are good for the body-has the church rewritten the word of wisdom? nope. modern thinking tells us that sex is normal and healthy and that repressing these urges in any way is detrimental. is the church going to do away with its doctrine regarding morality?
i was actually in a starbucks with a friend yesterday. i find the smell of coffee absolutely intoxicating. the whole store is a temptation and its cool to go to starbucks. come on, you would have to be cool to pay 22.50 for some exotic concoction and look super-hip walking around with the cup. wonderful baked goods. an extensive menu. my friend assured me that there were non coffee drinks i could get, so i perused the menu. i saw decaffeinated, but couldnt find the coffee free menu. she finally pointed out the two coffee free items. two. sigh. neither really appealed to me, but my friend was adamant that she was buying me a starbucks! i caved to the peer pressure. i kind of wanted to order a grande caramel latte half and half with a double shot(its another language, i swear)just to feel part of it all. i think the barrista shot me a snotty look when she handed me my childish strawberries and cream. judgment for my righteous decisions is around every corner. sigh.


  1. Then that's a bad barista, and I've not run into that when ordering coffee-free drinks at Starbucks. Generally, you can get very good hot chocolate at espresso stands as well.

    I don't find coffee attractive (the smell can be nice, but it can also get annoying). Sex, otoh, is very attractive, and can draw my attention against my best efforts almost anytime.

  2. You can get any shot you please in their hot chocolate.. I personally love it with a shot of raspberry. And I ALWAYS love a good vanilla bean frap with extra whipped cream. Mmmmm.

  3. Just drink the coffee. I had a frappuccino every day I was the RS President in my ward. Really, what does coffee have to do with salvation? And now they're finding out green tea is incredibly good for you. Doesn't it boggle the mind how green tea is "bad" and something like diet Coke is okay? I watch my Mormon mommy friends mainline that stuff. It's so bad for you...and it's not just the caffeine. It doesn't make any sense at all. I wish people would quit worrying about all the little things because in the end, it's the big things that matter--like the way you treat other people. And all the worrying about the little things obscure the real point of the ministry of Jesus Christ. They take your eye of the ball, so to speak. Anyway, sorry for rambling on. I am sure I will be lambasted for my hypocrisy but it's okay...I was the best RS President that ward ever had! Ha!