Monday, August 3, 2009

ncmos for the over 40 crowd

i never heard of the term "ncmo" until my best friend went to byu and gave me the 411. even then, i didnt think much of the idea. i was kind of a serial monogamist; i liked to make out with my boyfriend at the time. even now, i am not totally keen on the idea. it just seems weird to me. does this threaten my good standing as a single member of the church? i am not sure where it originated, but i know its been around for at least 25 years and is so prevalent that even the urban dictionary lists it on their site. some guys at byu even made a little movie about it. most of the comments on that blog kind of echo my sentiments. both girls and guys seemed to regret doing it. i considered a ncmo with mr joe schmoe, but he irritated me to the point that the thought of kissing him made me queasy. i guess it can be harmless enough, but if not managed properly, can certainly get out of control fast. if you are too busy with ncmos you could be distracted from creating an actual relationship with someone who really wants to kiss you-possibly for eternity.

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