Thursday, August 27, 2009


is chastity sexy? can you be chaste and still be sexier than hell? i think so. i think there is something to setting boundaries and creatively exploring every inch of space within those limits. like the boys over at the bachelor pad talking about the sexiness of the first french kiss or the small of a girl's back....some may disagree, but i say that is true sexiness. a lingering kiss on the neck while pulling each other strong hands stealing under your shirt to gently rub the small of your back(sorry for the plagiarism jake-you threw me down memory lane!)is so sexy. i know when i trust the boy i am kissing, so much more is given because i'm not worried about roaming hands or guarding bra clasps.


  1. Whew! Where is my husband when I need him. Dang, just left for work.

  2. Um, I think playing with dynamite is not a great way to not have things explode on you. I don't suggest playing anywhere near that close to the line if you want to continue obeying the Law of Chastity. When kisses move from lips and hands to necks, the straight male mind is thinking about kissing other things, and doing other things. And the distance to those things is very, very small. There is no legitimate reason for hands to be under clothing -- crossing that boundary makes crossing the next boundary a whole lot easier.

    Chastity isn't about being sexy. It's about respecting the power of sex and limiting it to an appropriate setting. Pushing close to the limits of the letter of the law violates the spirit of the law, and puts you in dangerous territory. I've been there. I've done that. I've paid the price. It's damned expensive.

  3. i dont think chastity is about being sexy,i was asking if you can be chaste and sexy all at the same time. i think so. as black and white as i think the law of chastity is, there is some grey area. i know some girls who thought french kissing was breaking it, but i dont think letting a boyfriend touch the small of my back under my shirt is playing with dynamite. just like i want my limits to be respected, i would respect his boundaries. if he told me that he couldnt touch my back without going into the red zone, i wouldnt demand it or be offended. i worried when i dashed off that post that it might be interpreted that i was advocating heavy(or even light)petting. that everything but the actual act of sex was ok. i am not advocating and i dont think its ok.

  4. I don't know that a guy who can't handle reaching under your clothing is going to be able to say so, given the opportunity to do so. And being able to handle it at one point doesn't mean it's not going to be opening the door to trying to reach other things than the small of your back once the hand is under your clothing.

    I don't think being sexy with someone sex isn't appropriate with is compatible with the spirit of chastity. And I don't think you understand how close to the surface and how strong the desire for sex is for most men. I find few women who do.

    I do understand that you're not advocating anything-short-of-sex. I'm just suggesting that what you are advocating is closer to that than you might think.