Friday, August 7, 2009

freakin soundtrack of my life

mr ex man and i really fell in love(or i did, anyway) via music. during our ldr, we would send youtube videos of different songs that meant something to us and our growing relationship. when things started going south, he was kind and apologetic(at first) and sent me this beautiful song by david bowie: i had never heard it before, but i loved it and it made me cry. i forgave instantly and loved him even more. as things got worse and we really werent talking at all-he was yelling & i was crying a lot. then we broke up and didnt talk for what seemed like an eternity. then he sent me this song: . the music is more rockin, but the words are sweet and apologetic. again, i melted. whats the truth? the repentant man who sends the sweet songs that say the things he cant or the raging jerk who accuses falsely and says the meanest and most horrible things? the reason for this rant? i heard the buckcherry song in the car today. it really doesnt get that much airplay and so it is weird to me that i came across it while channel surfing in the car. silly girl. putting way too much meaning on something that a stupid, dumb, and ugly boy used simply as a manipulation tactic.

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