Sunday, August 23, 2009

total bummer

mr boring, but nice was at church today. ALONE! my stomach sank. i was hoping the new girl friend was just late or couldnt make it for some reason. when i finally worked up the courage to ask him how she was, he just shrugged his shoulders. apparently she broke up with him because she thought he was moving too fast. i made sure to keep a two ass distance between us on the pew. watched my body language. didnt touch him one single time during our conversation.mentioned how i am on a total dating hiatus. during sunday school, i caught him really looking at me a couple of times. i completely ignored him hoping that he is just one of those people who stares and isnt thinking of asking me out. he is so nice. just sooooo not for me.


  1. Is he a little bit clueless enough to ignore the "don't touch me" vibe you're putting off?

  2. i hope not! have to cover all the bases to be sure. cant risk being nice being interpreted to "i want you bad baby!"