Monday, August 24, 2009


it was one of my dearest friends birthday today and a group of us went to lunch to celebrate. we dont get together too often so the lunches turn into hours of talking and gallons of refills on our drinks. we all exchanged stories and caught up. one of my friends has a friend(lets call her wendy) through her church(not lds)that is always doing something outrageous and we always ask about her. todays story was INSANE. maybe when you read this you will say "single mormon chick, what is your problem? are you living under a rock of naivety? this stuff happens every day in the real world!" i am still shaking my head and trying to process this. its real. it really happened. this is not some made up story sent into penthouse by some lame guy who only dreams of such shennanigans. so heres the story: wendy has been separated from her husband for years, but both refuse to actually get a divorce. she mainly meets men through her work and has had many affairs. right now she is juggling 3 different men in various stages of "adult" relationships. one of these men is a cop. married. they had been "innocently" flirting for months. i guess she has dropped hints about where she lives and what goes on in her life. when he sees her last week he says he drove by her apartment complex, but didnt remember her apartment number. wendy gives it to him and he tells her he is coming by for breakfast the next day. she lets him know she gets home from dropping her 9 year old off at school by 730. before she takes the kid to school she pops a xanax chased with a vodka(7 am people!)and rushes home to change into some classy outfit she got at the local adult store. he knocks on the door, she opens it, grabs his hand and pulls him into her living room. then she pushes him up against the wall. he stops her and tells her "that wont be happening today". she is standing there thinking maybe she should have seriously made him breakfast. fried some eggs and cooked some bacon. as she is pondering this odd turn of events, he reaches down, hikes up her dress and starts running his hand up her thighs to... well you can imagine where to(have to keep this pg13)and she says "that wont be happening today". and he leaves! there she stands in her trashy outfit, vodka on her breath and buzzing from the xanax and NOTHING HAPPENED. all she is worried about is if she should have made him breakfast.


  1. Sounds like he's the ass hole in this situation...

  2. he totally is, but come on! isnt this scenario just CRAZY?!

  3. she probably should have made him breakfast..