Saturday, August 8, 2009

serendipity&first kisses

lazy saturday afternoon and i decide to pop in a movie. i am in the mood for a chick flick and since i love john cusack, i picked serendipity. for those who have not seen this movie rent it today! such a sweet and funny movie,but it made me sad. i have really been thinking a lot about mr ex man. its making my heart ache and i dont want that. like in the movie, we kept missing each other and by some creative investigation of his own(nothing like the hollywood version, of course)we found each other. to me, it was amazing. he said it was amazing, but now i am thinking it was just the empty words of a dating site player. playing a game. i hate being a fool and i generally avoid it quite well. i was a big idiot in this one. jake from mormon bachelor pad got me to thinking about first kisses. i havent had a ton of them. like i mentioned, i am a serial monogamist, not the ncmo girl(not that theres anything wrong with that). since mr ex man and i met via our first "meeting" was at the airport when he came to visit. i was happy and excited(a little nervous, but surprisingly calm)to be seeing him, hoping that i was as attracted to him(and him to me)in person as i was long distance. people can look so different from their pictures. i was worried i wouldnt recognize him right away. i was worried he wouldnt recognize me and be dissappointed when reality hit him. i got to the airport 20 minutes before his flight landed. got a primo parking spot that just happened to be right off the terminal where i needed to meet him. i did a quick hair and makeup check(i looked pretty cute) and went to check the status board-his flight landed 10 min early-he was here! i stood waiting and watching as people came out of the terminal, holding the little sign i had made to catch his attention. i was really worried i would miss him, but the second i saw that man, i knew. i held up the sign and peeked from around it to see his reaction. he smiled(love that) and we walked towards each other and without hesitation, fell into the best hug ever.i never felt so at home, so comfortable. i fit there. we held on for a few minutes and then leaned away to look at each other. then, like we had done it a million times, we kissed. it was perfect. we lingered for a moment, then broke away only to smile at each other again. we walked hand and hand to baggage claim. i felt him looking at me and suddenly i felt shy. i am sure i was blushing and i just couldnt look at him. he swung my hand a little and i turned to face him. we kissed again, this time more passionately-i wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close to him. we stood there kissing like no one else was there. i already knew i was in love with him, but that sealed the deal. sealed with a kiss.

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