Thursday, August 6, 2009

cross dressing ?

one time in band camp....just kidding! wow, thats dangerous, i pretty much just revealed that i saw a rated r movie. please dont tell anyone!!! i could be way off, but i think the story that i am about to tell you could be made into its very own rated r movie. and its all true. except the names. protect the innocent(or not so)and all. in previous posts, i have talked about the little kids who would im me on the lds dating sites. i am about to introduce to you a new group of guys---the international gang. i have to hand it to these guys. they hardly speak a word of english, but they are trying to type it and communicate their adoration to women they have never met and probably never will. i actually had one of those nigerian boiler room guys try and hit on me, but one of the most memorable was adolfo, living in utah, but originally from the dominican republic. he wasnt really my type, but he was a gentleman and i appreciated how much he seemed to love the temple(many pictures of him at various temples around utah). he caught me just about every time i logged into the site and i would always chat with him for a few minutes. i knew it wasnt going anywhere, but he was tenacious and i was trying to be polite. he asked about my family and my friends. my favorite foods. told me he loved to cook and would like to cook for me. all really great stuff if there was even the tiniest bit of chemistry. our final conversation started out innocently enough. he had posted some new pictures of himself at the temple when he attended the sealing of a close friend. it was winter and the snow surrounding the temple looked beautiful and really added some drama to the pictures. he asked me if i liked the cold and when i told him yes, he asked me: "would you give me your coat to wear?" i am thinking he is trying to be a gentleman and got his english mixed up trying to tell me that he would give me his coat to wear if i was cold. when i tried to clarify, he said no, he wanted to know if i would let him wear my coat. now i was confused. he wanted to wear my coat? remember, this conversation is all via the dating sites im service. as i focus again on the conversation and what he is typing to me, i get the biggest surprise ever. he is telling me, in detail, how he likes to wear women's clothes. now, i like to be open minded, but i have to say it slammed shut when it came to this. there is no freakin way that i would ever, ever, EVER participate in such shennanigans, but ,he kept going on. and on. and on. about how he loved the softness of womens clothes, but i shouldnt be worried because he just did it at home, and there was nothing wrong with it and would i mind? would i mind? OH MY GOSH!! i quickly, and in no uncertain terms let him know that i did mind and then promptly blocked him. when i told my gay best friend(gbf) this story, he laughed with me, but then totally sympathized with mr dude looks like a lady! he didnt think i should shun him for one little ole fetish. WHATEVER! i dont care who thinks i am a prude, i do not want any guy that i know, let alone date to wear womens clothes!
ps-disclaimer: i am writing of my own experiences-i do not claim or even believe that all men from other countries operate this way. i'm just sayin.

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