Wednesday, January 20, 2010

terms of endearment

i am not talking about the classic tear jerker starring debra winger and shirley maclaine. i am referring to what we call each other when we are(supposedly)in love.

mien schatze is what msof(briefly stationed in germany)called me throughout our short courtship, shorter engagement, and the first half of our too long marriage. the last few years we were together, we got a dog, named her schatze and we started calling each other butthead. it was said with all the love in the world, but we called each other butthead. from the german equivalent of "my sweet one" to butthead. quite a commentary, dont you think?

throughout our marriage, we called each other honey, sweetheart, baby, and even a few goofy ones like boo boo and yogi. i never referred to him as "hubby". when i hear women refer to their husbands as hubby, hubs, or the hubster(not making it up, i swear.)my head just wants to explode. not sure why it irritates me so much, but its one of those things that just drives me insane. i seriously want every woman in the world who uses those ridiculous monikers to just STOP. if you dont know me well enough to refer to your husband by his actual name, then simply say "my husband".

i know, maybe a little to picky, but its a pet peeve of mine. anyone else hate this or am i alone in this?


  1. THANK. GOODNESS. I thought I was the only one who hated the word "hubby." You have validated my irritation!

  2. Never saw the movie. Don't plan to. Not my thing.

    I tend toward "hon," or "honey," especially with my ex, and would frequently use "pretty lady" with my xgf. Others could include "sweets" or "sweet stuff," but probably not "sweetie."

  3. i am SO glad someone else hates it as much as i do. thanks for giving me some validation.

    terms of endearment is a total chick flick-i think it might have been the movie that originated the term chick flick, so i can understand you not wanting to see it.
    my first boyfriend after my divorce called me "my love". i loved it. he had the most delicious southern accent and he said it with so much love. sigh. i had forgotten it until just now-thanks blain :)
    maybe i will edit the post to include it.

  4. I think Hubster is right out! I used to hate it when couples called each other "Mom" or "Dad" Then I caught myself doing it and had to slap myself a few times. He's certainly not MY Dad. Maybe it's a Freudian slip? Don't really want to go there... ewe.

  5. here is what drives me bonkers, i see it everywhere and i kind of want to scream...

    dh, ds, dd, etc.

    just give names, or make names up, please!

  6. OH MY GOSH! i hate, hate, hate the mom and dad thing, but i can kind of see how its easy to fall into when you have little kids. i have seen it happen when the kids are grown and out of the house. yuck.
    the whole dh thing is annoying too! i cant believe i forgot that.

  7. I just found your blog and love it! I'm not Mormon, but I can totally relate...

    During my own super short (but way too long) marriage, my ex referred to me as his "wifey". Not kidding and not ok.

    I also hate when the terms of endearment start early on. If we just started dating, pls just use my real name. thanks.

  8. uptown girl- thanks for commenting. when your ex husband called you "wifey" is that when you decided to file for divorce? ;-)