Friday, January 29, 2010

memories of tgws

tgws(tall guy with sunglasses)did not like modern english. he was a total metal head, but this song was really popular when we first started "going out" and i really liked it. he really liked me, so he tolerated it with a smile. i am sure all the smiles, kisses, and pretty sparkles being shot from my blue eyes helped him cope.

i heard "i melt with you" on the radio in the car and it reminded me of this short(seemed like an eternity at the time)period of time when i was grounded(for what, i dont remember. probably for spending too much time on the phone.) and was not allowed to do anything besides go to school, chores, and homework. no friends. including my brand new boyfriend,tall guy with sunglasses. the cruelty was almost too much to bear, but we had brief moments after school to see each other and steal a few kisses before i had to get home.

thank goodness fate stepped in. i got a primo babysitting job(babysitting was excluded from the grounding). the lady across the street needed me 3 days a week while she went to night school. it paid well and i would have 3 evenings a week pretty much to myself. her kids were young, so i would be feeding them and then putting them to bed. that meant mtv all night! the tv was off at our house by 8. my parents were oddly strict about bedtimes. i actually had to campaign to get a later bedtime when i went to high school. all of this was perfect timing considering i was GROUNDED. i could talk on the phone all night and my parents would never know.

i was a pretty obedient kid, so it really didnt cross my mind to invite tgws over while i was babysitting. "bending" the rules by talking on the phone with tgws and my friends was one thing, but BREAKING them and having him over was an entirely different story. most of the families i worked for were in my ward and had strict "no boys" policies. mrs night school was not a member and she had no problem with me having friends over(even boys). so when tgws suggested he drop by after he punched out of his after school job, i immediately said yes. then i got nervous. technically i would be disobeying my parents and it would be a serious breach of my grounding. all of this was outweighed by how much i missed him and wanted to see him outside of the few minutes after school.

it was well after dark when tgws got off work as a bag boy at the local grocery store. it was like we were playing house when he came in and gave me a kiss and jokingly asked what was for dinner. he ate the blue box dinner i had prepared for the kids and we watched tv. mtv was our favorite. it was the mid 80's and there werent that many videos,so we saw "i melt with you" A LOT. they didnt do all the crazy programming they do now. it was just videos. no real world, cribs, or jersey shore just videos and those super cool vjs.

it was all just background noise to our make outs. we genuinely liked each other and could talk for hours on the phone, but when we were together...the fireworks, the chemistry, the heat, THE HORMONES. we could not stay off of each other.

see how one random song on the car radio can just throw me back? craziness. maybe i should reconsider the dating hiatus so i can post stories that arent over 20 years old. i am coughing from the dust kicked up from this one.


  1. You know the song, "Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"

    Everytime I hear it I think of the time this guy tried to kiss me and I rejected him. Immediately after the song came on the radio and he looked at me and said "Yes." After it says, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me..."

    Ha ha. To this day every time it comes on I replay the scenario.

  2. Sounds like a good memory to me!

  3. I always thought this was by The Cure!
    ummm I wasn't allowed to watch MTV and never knew who sang my favorite songs... even though I could sing every single word :)
    Watching the Grammy's is like an education on what different artists look like!