Friday, January 15, 2010

soooooooooo tired

i am a procrastinator. i mean a really bad one. i have been procrastinating writing a couple of longer posts that have some actual insight(i think so, anyway)and something significant(in my opinion)to say. sigh.
the past two days has drained everything out of me. every little thing that i have to give is spent.
so. i procrastinated writing and now i have nothing to give. i know things will get back to normal, but its hard to imagine it right now.
on the flip side, some of my favorite bloggers are recovering from the hectic holidays and posting some really good stuff. thanks guys. you help me take my mind off the drama.
totally random and unrelated thought: i caught an interview with mark wahlberg on the ellen degenerous show and he looked remarkably like msof(mr soldier of fortune, my ex husband). never noticed the likeness before.

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