Sunday, January 17, 2010

smc and the pioneer woman

i made my first recipe from "the pioneer woman cooks"- "flat apple pie". at first i was going to list the recipe because pw lists all her recipes on her blog- or so i thought. when i checked her blog, flat apple pie was not in her archives. not sure about trademark and copyright laws when it comes to a format like this, so i will just tell you about what happened.
not sure why i started with this one. i have always had problems with pie crust. i failed the pie crust unit in my high school home ec class. mine was never tender and flaky and always resembled cardboard. the few attempts since then have been equally dismal. my mother is a star pie maker, so i decided that it just wasnt one of my talents and focused on other areas in the kitchen. i am great with cakes and cookies and even some candy, but when i saw this recipe as looked through pw's book i decided i wanted to conquer the pie crust.
this recipe is easy and the results were delicious. my moms apple pie is generously laced with cinnamon, but pw's has none. just granulated sugar, brown sugar, and a little lemon. i didnt miss the cinnamon at all!
the pie crust ended up being perfect, but where i failed(and will easily correct next time)was with the "flat" part. instead of using a pie pan, you simply(it wasnt simple for me)put the rolled out crust on a cookie sheet, pile the apples in the middle and fold the edges up around, making a rustic looking tart-like pie. you see the apples peeking out from the middle where the crust doesnt meet. i didnt roll the dough out thin enough and the crust was too thick on top. it tasted good, but the apples were over powered by the crust. i am going to make it again and aim for flat apple pie perfection.

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