Tuesday, January 19, 2010

smc cooks! the cooking continues with the pioneer woman

today i made iny's prune cake with buttermilk icing and all i can say is YUM! this is one of the recipes that is actually in the pioneer woman's archives, so you can check it out here. it is very easy to make and PLEASE dont let the fact there are prunes in it gross you out or make you run away. this is basically a spice cake with a delicious icing. i think calling it "buttermilk icing" is kind of misleading. sure, there IS buttermilk in it, but it translates into a caramel/butterscotch type sauce that seeps in to add to the delicious moistness of the cake and leaves a think layer sitting on top. seriously. yummy. the pioneer woman encourages you to lick the spoon and i was obedient and was instantly blessed. she also encourages you to try the cake warm(i did),but promises that it gets better with time. i will let you know in a day or two. if it lasts that long.
ps-as i was writing this post the pickiest of my taste testers walked in and asked "whats this?" i chose not to divulge the whole truth-he would definitely be turned off by the prunes-and simply called it "spice cake with caramel icing". his eyes rolled heavenward when he put the first bite in his mouth.
pps- there are a lot of desserts in the pioneer womans book, but i will be moving on to her other recipes. most of them are meant to feed a crowd, so i need to line up dates or family or random strangers off the street to cook for.

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