Tuesday, January 5, 2010

smc loves make up!

lots of us use the new year to start a myriad of make overs. some of us need to make over the inside; trade out old, bad habits for new, more favorable ones. build character and make ourselves better people.

sometimes all we need is a fresh coat of paint. some might scoff at the benefits of changing or updating your look, but i am here to tell you it feels great!
recently i bought two new maybelline(a brand i rarely use)mascaras. walgreens was having a buy one get one free sale and i jumped on the chance to try out their new "lash stiletto". i really like this mascara! it went on so smooth, not a clump to be seen and it actually curled my lashes! seriously, my lashes stick straight out and sometimes even a regular eyelash curler doesnt do the job. i have pretty long lashes, but this stuff fulfilled its promise and made them even longer. almost touching my eyebrows long. they looked really good, not scary or spidery at all. the only thing it didnt do was give a shiny look-which was ok with me.

the second tube of mascara i got was the volume express. it delivered on some extra volume, but i thought it would be a little more. still liked it, just will keep looking for another mascara to really thicken up my lashes.

so....2010 has my baby blues framed beautifully thanks to maybelline and walgreens.

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