Thursday, May 6, 2010

and so it continues...

i am definitely better, but still pretty bad. grateful for any improvement, but after four days, i am so ready for this to be over. turns out just about everyone has caught this bug-my sister in law who NEVER gets sick has it. four of her eight kids have it as well. talk about being grateful for your trials.
i have always hated that. " be grateful for your trials" (imagine me saying it in a whiney mimic-y type voice). i think i took it too literally-too surface. like be grateful your husband cheated on you with one of your best friends from high school. how can one be grateful for that? but...i can be grateful i never procreated with him(she did and he is a major dead beat dad. kind of surprises me, but it turned out that way.)and for the strength i gained by fighting my way through that trial. reminds me of that talk by ardith g kapp that tells us not to pray for lighter burdens, but for stronger backs. it turned me around a little on the subject of trials.
a lot has happened to me over the last ten years or so. some really icky, bad stuff. stuff i wouldnt wish on anyone, but stuff has been happening to others that make me so grateful that i dont have to deal with what they are going through. grateful for the trials that Heavenly Father has given me. like being sick. i am grateful to be miserable on my own and not responsible for eight kids while i am sick. perspective. its all in the perspective. sometimes. other times it just sucks, but whats a girl to do? endure, right? sigh.
i still feel sorry for myself sometimes. not too often and i wont allow myself to wallow in self pity for very long. kind of pointless. get on with the lessons and pulling yourself out of the mire.
i am rambling. again. sorry.
anyone know of really great cough/cold/flu meds? theraflu and benadryl(thought it might be allergies as well)havent really helped. thanks.


  1. Sometimes it truly is hard to be grateful for my burdens. Love the concept of not praying for lighter burdens but for a stronger back. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. hey sista laurel! thanks for coming by and commenting. i love your blog. the title cracks me up every time i come to your page.
    the first time i read sis kapps talk, it really aggravated me. i didnt want a strong back from these nasty trials! i wanted to go to a ritzy gym and work out on expensive equipment and then get a massage after. a strong back with no real pain! i am proud of my strong back. now. lol