Wednesday, May 12, 2010

smc beauty cover girl shine blast

i love this lip gloss! i got a new color, but my joy is somewhat dampened when i realize that tripp will never kiss me because i wear lip gloss. he hates lip gloss. grosses him out.
my lips dont look goopy or greasy, they actually look very pretty. alluring,even. but tripp would run away, screaming in disgust.
i have read 2 or three blogs lately where the men are talking about how they prefer little or no makeup on girls. i find this very interesting. i love makeup. even women who dont love makeup generally find it necessary. low self esteem-you know.
i was watching an episode of dr drews rehab on vh-1 where he was counseling sex addicts. he ran this experiment where he had all the women remove their make up. now remember, these women were sex addicts. several of them were porn stars, so they had the "look". LOTS of make up, fake lashes, etc. after they had removed their makeup and were gathered together again, dr drew called the guys in for the normal group therapy session. none(these men were sex addicts too. guys who watched tons of porn, been with hookers, etc)of them noticed a difference. they didnt realize the women werent wearing makeup. even when dr drew asked them if they noticed anything different about the women, they really couldnt figure it out. they were complimentary, telling them they looked pretty and everything, but they didnt notice that they werent wearing their masks.
i guess in general, men dont care and they generally dont notice stuff like that. we have all heard women complain how they get a dramatic haircut and their husbands dont notice. i guess they just dont get it.
girls, we arent wearing makeup for our men-we are wearing it for ourselves and for other girls.
man, i sure got off on a tangent, didnt i?


  1. Thanks for the shout out... sort of. I am sorry that I dampened your joy. If it helps, as long as I don't see you with the lip gloss on, I won't be disgusted. So I may kiss you. You love makeup? I can understand wanting to look prettier. But makeup should only enhance looks, not become looks. I would say if makeup changes the way you look by more than 10%, you are wearing too much.

  2. When I wear makeup (minimal), I look better when I catch a glimpse in the mirror during the day. I feel better too...less tired.

  3. tripp-if you would like me to remove the reference to you, i will. just let me know. i think you know it was all in fun. right?
    i just think makeup is fun-i am not into anything that seriously alters my looks. i am still recognizable even if i dont have any on. most days i go without or maybe just a little eyeliner and the dreaded lip gloss.
    laraine-make up can really perk your face up for sure. brighten your eyes so you dont look tired. really important if you are over 21 years old! ;)