Tuesday, May 18, 2010

so irritating

if i see one more facebook post where some woman is going on about how "hot" her middle aged, paunchy, and balding husband is, i am going to puke.
jealousy would probably be the first conclusion you might jump to. NOT. i know these guys and they are nice enough, but most of them are totally whipped and have little or no influence in their own homes. their wives treat them like children, they fight all the time, and then they go on facebook and talk about how hot their men are.
sick of it. i see the women who love and respect their middle aged, balding husbands and really do think they are the hottest thing ever. they just dont post it on facebook or twitter about it.
i know men in general need lots of praise-they want to know all their hunting and gathering is appreciated and that the sweat of their brow really glistens in a sexy way in the setting sunlight. HOWEVER- do they buy this crap? do they revel in their wives saying they are hot on facebook, but treat them like crap in their daily lives?
i might be way off so tell me if i am calling it all wrong.


  1. I'm not married, but I'm not a big fan of being bragged about on facebook at all.

    I think when people talk about their "amazing," "hot," "incredible," "wonderful," etc. significant other they just sound like they're over-compensating.

  2. i totally agree. it seems so surface, so fake.

  3. I see people talking about their spouses with favorably, with a bit of gushing, but none of this over-the-top stuff you're describing. Mostly sincere-sounding testimonials to how much they love and care about and are loved and cared about.

    Either of our experiences could be merely anecdotal -- probably both.

  4. That may be so with some, but see, my wife is being 100% truthful when she talks about how dashingly charming and dazzlingly hot I am. It's just a fact, and she's just stating the facts. Besides, with how humble we men generally are, we need all the help we can get.

    If you don't like what our honest wives are saying about us, just click "hide" next to their post. That way your wall can be full of all the bitter-singles quotes and we can keep our dashing handsomeness on our profiles.

    As for the bald thing, I thought it was well established by now that Captain Picard forever healed the image of bald as being an ugly thing. Thanks to him, shining personalities are overshadowed by gorgeously shining heads.

    Besides, I'd rather have puke and positive than snarls and snark.

    Wow, I just said something really clever. I think I'll Facebook that so my wife can gloat and drool over me online! Booyahhh!!!


  5. I would much rather not have any of that crap on facebook. Especially nothing about me. If I treat her great and she wants to call one of her friends and tell her, that is her business. But I don't want my actions posted on facebook so that everyone knows how hot I am. Nobody cares anyway.

  6. i am all for honest compliments. we all need them, but the ones i am talking about employ such hyperbole that its just too much. it also seems to be a "thing" to tell everyone how "hot" your husband is. some are even commenting on how hot their friends husbands are. just seems to be crossing a line of good taste.
    chas-you had to know i wasnt talking about YOU. i am talking about the women who are hideous to their husbands behind closed doors and then post about how amazing they think they are. not mad they have husbands, just mad they are being hypocrites!