Monday, May 24, 2010

smc beauty - covergirl simply ageless

“Embrace the beauty of 'you.' Once you've done that, you're ready to start playing with the power of makeup to transform yourself into anything you want to be.”
Scott Barnes

i got a free sample of the covergirl/olay simply ageless line and i love it! i havent used covergirl for years, opting for more expensive and newer brands, but i am using covergirl again and it might just be a permanent change.
the collection includes foundation, corrector(concealer), eye corrector, and blush. i love every one of these products. they glide on and create a flawless finish. the eye corrector doubles as a primer(my own discovery)and makes eye shadow last without creasing the whole day. the corrector has a yellow base which corrects dark circles-i will take that one on faith-i dont have dark circle to correct, but the yellow pigment corrects any of that annoying redness around the corners of my nose and any blemishes that pop up.
i wouldnt have picked out the color of blush that was given to me,but it was a free sample, so i didnt complain. i just tried it and it was amazing. it added such a beautiful tone to my skin and i have received quite a few compliments on how pretty i have been looking lately. NEVER a bad thing.
since all of these items are formulated with olay regenerist serum-they glide on beautifully and dont sink into any fine lines or wrinkles-it "suspends" over them, restoring tone and texture for a more youthful appearance. i am quoting from the brochure they gave me, but i have found their claims to be true.
the price is pretty amazing too-just 10.00-13.99 depending on what you buy. smoking deal considering the price of make up!

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