Saturday, May 15, 2010

i know i am asking a lot, but more opinions please

ok guys-you have weighed in on the make up issue(if there are any guys out there who LOVE make up on a woman, please let me know)so now i need to hear your thoughts on hair.
i got mine chopped off a few days ago. it was practically down to my waist, but my super fine hair wasnt doing so well at that length. it would do even less than its usual nothing. it was constantly in a clip or a pony tail and even if i put in my best efforts, the results were mediocre at best. so i went to my trusted hair stylist(who hadnt seen me in over a year. dont ask.)and told her what i DIDNT want. no mormon bangs(hate those, so 1989), no inverted wedge(do you have to have one of those to get a temple rec nowadays?), and i still wanted to have some hair.
i have worn it super short before, but i am tall and i have broad shoulders and to me, i look like i have this little pea head when i wear my hair short. it might just be me OR i am totally right and its like when you have broccoli in your teeth and no one wants to tell you. they think they are being polite, but there you are walking around like a dork with too short hair. er,i mean broccoli in your teeth.
anyway. she ended up cutting off about 7 inches off the back and trimming the front up. it looks pretty similar in the front, but she added some detail to the back. it still is about 2-3 inches past my shoulders and it looks a lot healthier and styling it is so much easier and the results are far better.
so tell me guys-how much do you care about womens hair? msof would throw a fit any time i trimmed my hair. he didnt care if it was all split ends and yucky looking. he wanted it LONG. a woman in my ward trimmed 2 inches off of her hair and her husband got mad at her and said "whats up with the dyke do?" when she told me about that, it pissed me off so bad. to me it not only reflects ignorance, but an attempt at control. my dad hated short hair. he said women looked like refugees when they cut their hair. he liked to quote that scripture "a womans hair is her crowning glory". unfortunately my mom did not look great in long hair. they found a compromise, but he always grumbled.
a few men i know(all lds) dont care. they say as long as their wife is happy, they are happy.pretty progressive of them, eh? one of their wives wears her hair shorter than a mans missionary style haircut-it looks cute on her, but i could never go that dramatic.
is longer better? hair that is.


  1. A guy I used to kind-of-date commented on my then-recent bob haircut. He said that it looked good on me, and that he had noticed that my hair didn't do so well when I tried to grow it out. So there's one opinion, second-hand. :)

  2. Hair is very important. People laugh but 90% of my first impression is based on hair. I'm not really sure why, sometimes women have hair that is more attractive than their face, and I'm caught off guard.

    As far as length, I think it depends on the woman. There's probably some crazy formula that has to do with body type and face shape. Hannah had longer hair, down to the shoulder blades. She wanted to try something new and figured changing it up before she left was a good idea. She cut it to about chin length, I wasn't a fan, it didn't go with her face. Luckily she agreed.

    I tend to like specific haircuts and styles, but in the end it depends on what looks best on your head.

  3. waiting- i think you are right and i am glad there is a man out there that can realize that its all about the individual.
    mckathlin-thanks for the comment-2nd hand or not :) i guess its nice that he noticed,eh?

  4. All other things being equal, I like long, straight hair. Nothing special needs to be done with it -- maybe pull it back with a clip, or throw some braiding in.

    I don't know what those fancy words you were using mean beyond "bangs." But I quit pretending I knew anything about hair a long time ago. When I get mine cut, I say "same thing as last time, unless you've got a better idea. I just don't want it to look hideous," and I don't even pretend I know what I'm supposed to see in the mirror about the back of my head.

    That being said, I've found lots of lengths and styles attractive, but often the trendy and stylish is wasted on me.

  5. well...mine is long-ish and straight, but with the recent cut, it holds a curl for much longer so i have more options. when it was at its longest, i went spend an hour curling it, it would look good for maybe an hour and then it would just go straight. waste of time.
    my hair is still long enough for a clip or a pony tail, so i am happy.
    if you even care-the inverted wedge is a very popular style amongst the women of the church in my neck of the woods. its really short in the back, exposing the neck and gets longer in the front, kind of coming down at an angle. there are at least 10 women in my ward who wear it. its a cute style and it would probably look good on me, but i just cant be that much of a sheep.
    there seems to be some sort of allure with the long hair. i dont really get it, but it really doesnt matter. i guess.
    guys have it so easy. :P

  6. My ex always wanted me to wear my hair long and did not like it when I cut it short - after each pregnancy. I really think it's a guy thing.

  7. i think between msof and my dad it has laid a foundation of irritation when women tell me how their husbands want them to wear their hair. how many men would accept such input from us?
    mr ex man was an exception. he wore his hair a little longer than is generally accepted in the church and asked my opinion(i loved it)and was willing to cut it if i wanted him to.

  8. In terms of evolution, men looking for a healthy woman to mate with will look for a woman with longer hair cause it provides more history of her health. I personally don't care for super long hair. When it gets much past a girl's shoulders, it just doesn't look good. Really, a girl should do her hair however she wants. I have dated girls that had shorter hair than I did. I do agree that some hairstyles work better for certain women.

  9. tripp-considering all of your restrictions and regulations, i find this very open minded and progressive of you ;-)

  10. Ha ha ha. I think you have the wrong idea about me. There are a few key things that gross me out. Outside of that, I am very progressive and open minded.

  11. besides lip gloss-what are the few key things?
    i guess i need to be more open minded-based on the lip gloss issue i could see you practically shutting down on womens hair issues. :-*

  12. Well, the lip gloss thing and the basic makeup thing (less is more). Umm, smells maybe. I think it says a lot about a person with what they choose to smell like. So even though it is an easy fix, maybe it isn't that easy because deep down, they somehow thought that they smelled great when in reality, they smelled awful. At their core, they smell bad.

    Overly large weight can also create problems. And nose hairs poking out of their nose. Not a big fan of that. Any facial hair on a girl is not something I particularly like. I guess a little fuzz is ok but when a chick has a dark haired mustache, it might be a deal breaker.

  13. The first time my wife mentioned that she wanted to cut her hair short, I got a little scared, but all I said was something like, "That would be cool." I loved her long hair, but I wanted her to know that I would see her as beautiful no matter how she did her hair. So I sucked it up and let her cut it.

    Then when I saw it, it looked great! I've never worried since, and she's cut it multiple times since, and it still looks great.

    The best thing a guy can do is let his wife do whatever she wants with her hair or makeup. If he really loves her, then he'll find her beautiful no matter what she does with her hair.

    Unless she wants to turn it into a mohawk or something, but I think that would be a reflection of something else going on...


  14. tripp-i am so laughing at you. you listed a bunch of stuff. HOWEVER, they are pretty basic-hygiene type things that most people should pay attention to.
    chas-i can tell you are of a younger generation. your response was exactly correct and i applaud you! :)

  15. A little side note. I don't know if you can tell in my little profile icon, but it's a picture from our wedding, and my wife is wearing makeup. That's the only time I've ever actually seen her in makeup!

  16. i love makeup, love to wear it, play with it, and experiment with it, but i am very comfortable with out it. i think that is key for women-to like their face without all the decoration. kind of like being comfortable in casual clothes as opposed to feeling the need to be dressed up 24/7/. all about options and not being boxed into one way of doing things. in my opinion, anyway.
    your wife looks beautiful in the picture-she did a wonderful job on her make up. it looks very natural. some people over do it for special occasions and end up looking so different that they arent even recognizable.