Sunday, May 2, 2010

fast sunday

i am a lazy faster. i am definitely not one of those spiritual giants that fast for 24 hours. i do the two meal thing-kind of. i have only been fasting regularly(most every month, unless i forget.)for the last 2-3 years. i have been a member all my life, but my parents never taught us to fast. until recently(2-3 years ago), i would fast only if there was something big and important to fast about. you know, ward or stake fasts for someone to be healed or something like that.
since i have started fasting, its never really bothered me. probably because i am a lazy faster. usually i will eat dinner saturday night, then dessert a few hours later and then start my fast when i say my prayers before bed. i always break my fast when i get home from church. with most block times, this usually means i technically missed breakfast and lunch, but it also usually means i am eating a really early dinner. see? lazy.
last night i ate a really early dinner. i wasnt feeling so good, so i went to bed early. with meetings and everything, i wont be home until 4. i am already hungry. really hungry. this fast sunday is going to be a humbling experience.


  1. I've always just fasted from the time I wake up Sunday morning until after church. When Church is at 9AM it's a cinch. When it's at 1PM I suffer.

    I'm a growing boy, I need nourishment.

  2. yeah! someone who is slightly lazier than me in this dept. :)

  3. I only fast when I have a purpose. One that is important to me. When it's important, then I am going to do it the right way. I guess I agree with the idea that fasting with out a reason is just going hungry. I know they say "fast every Sunday" but honestly, I pray when I need to, I get (priesthood) blessings when I need to, and I don't see why I should be doing something like fasting unless I need to.

    That's like 6 cents! Sorry!

  4. no apologies required jessica! to each their own. i think fasting really deals with the spirit of the law. my brother gets all uptight that his wife wont do a 24 hr fast each month. i figure it must be hard with 8 kids! i never fasted unless i had a purpose either, but now there seems to be something every month that could be addressed with a fast. i suppose if i had been doing it all my life, i might be over it, but i have been at it for a relatively short period of time, so it still seems very effective and significant.