Tuesday, May 4, 2010

look what i missed

i never cared for depeche mode. they went against my decidedly metal chick standards, but i think even if i heard this song back then, i would have liked it. it really says a lot about what we all want and need from someone. did i mention i get kind of sappy when i am sick?

i need to put the lap top down and take a nap. sigh


  1. I'm fairly D-mode literate, and I've never heard this one before. It's very pretty.

    I think I like Blasphemous Rumors better, though.

  2. ok-i had never heard blasphemous rumors either, but that is possibly one the most depressing songs i have ever listened to. i am remembering now why i didnt like depeche mode.

  3. Really? I love Blasphemous Rumors! I can totally go with the chorus, although I'd take the word "sick" out.

    How about People are People?

  4. you are probably much deeper than me. :)
    people are people gets on my nerves for a whole other reason-my senior year an estranged friend signed my yearbook and closed with a quote from that song. it really bothered me. what was that genre of music called? we werent calling it "alternative" at that point, i dont think. definitely not punk...i cant remember the word!! dang.

  5. NEW WAVE!! i finally had to ask gbf because i just couldnt think of it. i really didnt care for any of the new wave stuff.