Thursday, April 29, 2010

bing bang boom

im just telling ya.
some of my more worldly friends would roll their eyes that i even feel it necessary to warn those with more delicate sensibilities. its not like i am writing into penthouse, but i probably wouldnt share this story in relief society. not probably. i wouldnt.
for anyone new to my blog, i want to just catch you up. i am a "good" girl. i was a virgin when i got married. oh sure, i made out like crazy, but there was no petting, heavy or otherwise. it seemed to make more sense when i was a 20 year old bride. not so much as a 40- something divorcee. buuuuuuttttt...right is right. right?
msof(my ex husband. see dance card at the end of the blog)was NOT romantic, but he made a few efforts. i didnt mind all that much. like most girls, i like gestures. a few grand ones, but the small ones count as well. unlike a lot of girls(the ones i know and have talked to anyway)i did not require a lot of candles and flower petals strewn on the bed. love was certainly a requirement for good sex, but it didnt have to be all soft focus and "lub makin". a good old fashioned quickie was often just what the doctor ordered.
many of my friends complained about the quickie. i think its the most under appreciated form of sex. its fun. it can be satisfying and it only takes a few minutes. what could be better? in general, i think men would probably be totally satisfied with only quickies, but if they want their wives to enjoy them, they need to make sure their wives are satisfied-meaning they get the appropriate amounts(varies for each woman) of candles and soft focus plus the attention to her as a person.
i hear when men say that getting their wives in "the mood" can be an exhausting endeavor and i think sometimes they are right, but what i am suggesting is that with a little maintenance your wife will be more open to the more 'wild' sex. like the quickie.
this mad about you clip is a funny example of how we can get confused over what we think our spouse wants. we dont always need the bing and the bang. just give us the boom. sometimes. we still like the bing and the bang.
im just sayin.


  1. Loved that clip! I am wondering where the language concern was? Are Bing, Bang, and Boom considered swears?

  2. :) no, i dont think those are swears, but i thought things like "wild sex" and "quickie" could offend some. i started writing this post a few weeks ago and i think some of my original ideas were a little more graphic. ;)