Thursday, April 29, 2010

idiot savant

its kind of a cross between jeopardy and name that tune. friends and family call me with bits and pieces of a song. sometimes not even a whole line and ask me what song it was or who sang it. with about 99% accuracy, i either know it off the top of my head or i can do some brief internet research and figure it out. sometimes its stuff i have never even heard of, but people who swear they have been searching the internet for that song they just cant get out of their head, but cant name, come to me and i get it figured it out.
as good as i am, i pale in comparison to gbf. he is the guy who knows the release date and who produced the album. i am weak in genres i dont care for, like rap or opera, but gbf seems to know it all.
with talent like this, isnt it a wonder they havent married me off yet?

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