Wednesday, April 14, 2010

accidental vegetarian

it was a complete accident, but i didnt eat any meat yesterday. i dont know if i have ever done that in my whole life. i dont want to be a vegetarian, but after seeing food, inc and king corn i want to eat a lot less of it and make better choices. found a ranch nearby that processes its own grass fed beef and its surprisingly affordable. not .99 cents a pound on sale affordable, but not cost prohibitive like i thought it would be.


  1. I consider myself to be a flexitarian. It's not so much about what I can't eat (red meat, meat in general) as it is a focus on eating veggies/ healthy food options.

  2. I also reduce the amount of meat in my families diet.

  3. how did they take it? when i was married i tried to incorporate 1 meatless meal a weak as a budget saving tactic-msof FREAKED out. he wanted nothing to do with it.