Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fool

went out to lunch with an old friend today and when she asked me what was new, i said "nothing". then she asked if i had heard from mr jack mormon. that WAS new. well...old, but new-you know, hearing from him just the other day after months of silence. i recapped his usual schtick "can we please have sex?", etc and when she joked, "so did you go for it this time?", i looked her right in the eye and said "yep."
we have been friends since high school. we dont have the same standards, but she has always supported mine. i didnt judge her when she was having all kinds of premarital sex and she defended me when i was teased for being a prude. needless to say, her jaw dropped, but there was a definite gleam in her eye. shes been married over 20 years and the za za zoom has definitely left their bedroom. she was hoping for some juicy details. i smiled big and said APRIL FOOLS!!

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