Wednesday, April 28, 2010

black crowes

one of my favorite bands singing one of my favorite songs of all time-i used to play this album LOUD while i cleaned the house and sung(cant carry a tune to save my life)along at the top of my lungs. what can i say? it made the housework fly by.
gbf and i saw them 2 times in concert. with the recent health crisis, i wonder if we will get another chance to see a show together.

ps-this is a very good live performance, i just hate that my sweetheart steve gorman is not the drummer. love him. there is just something about him that does it for me.


  1. they are awesome. i love the song writing, i love the classic rock music they put to the great words. chris robinson cracks me up. i think he is so smart-for some reason the pot isnt killing his brain cells. lol