Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i get it

when life is dealing the bad hands it deals sometimes, it is not uncommon that couples turn to each other and use sex as a major stress reliever and a way to further cement their bond and commitment during difficult times.
what about those of us without the benefit of that special someone? CASUAL, RANDOM SEX WITH VIRTUAL STRANGERS!! i always stood in haughty judgment of such behavior, but not anymore. i get it. i wont do it, but I GET IT. i get why people turn to drugs and alcohol to ease and temporarily erase the pain they are feeling. heck, i want a drink right now.
does drinking and casual sex solve anything? does it cure cancer? nope, but for a few hours(if you are lucky)you can forget.
right now i just want to crawl into bed and feel someone next to me. hear them breathe and feel that amazing skin to skin contact.
sometimes flirting is my drug of choice. it can make me forget for a while, but i am resisting the urge to contact old stand by guys. it will lead me places i dont want to be and despite the fact that flirting does not break the law of chastity, it would ultimately leave me feeling empty inside.


  1. Stay strong. There are other ways to ease your pain. I hope you find the right way to get you there. Best wishes!

  2. enduring til the end is the prescription. one way or another it will all be ok.

  3. Benadryl.

    Nothing like a 12-hour nap to solve life's problems.

    In my current situation I feel your pain.

  4. hey! i have never tried that. might be a good idea. i cant tell you the last time i have slept 12 hours. i consider myself lucky if i get 6 or 7.