Sunday, April 11, 2010

not so deep

i am having a good hair day. yeah me.
the mormon bachelor pad is having a giveaway-a shabby apple dress. they say they picked the hottest one, which only confirms the fact that what we think we look good in and what men like on us can be polar opposites.
i really wanted to write some stuff that i found out yesterday. stuff about how women can be just as big of assholes as men can. trying to run it through my mind to see if i can keep the story truthful, get the point across, but keep the woman and her family beyond anonymous. its pretty intense stuff that blows my mind.
i dont excuse bad behavior in men, but i definitely find the same type of behavior in women to be far more....i dont know. horrible. does that make me sexist?


  1. It's a fact... women are suppose to act like ladies....

    There are only certain degrees we can go to.... :P

  2. ;-)

    there seems to be a huge rise in women just acting like big jerks. selfish, brazen harlots(i was going to say slut,but it seemed too harsh). maybe its just my neck of the woods and the fact i hear more than most because of my calling. i dont know. very sad to me.

  3. You are right - I would never have chosen that as my favorite dress. I'm not sure it's really their favorite dress either, it just is one of those dresses that you can only wear if you have a killer body and that's really where they were looking.

    And yes, it always shocks me when the woman is the cheater/loser/abuser in a relationship. My friend told me this weekend about how both of his brothers (one married and one in a 15 year relationship) were cheated on last year. Of course, he is not Mormon and called both women "two-timing whores" which made the stories very entertaining - but still sad. Both relationships are over.