Sunday, April 4, 2010

smc loves genealogy. NOT!

amongst our people, admitting an aversion to genealogy is like saying you dont like mo-tab or milk or wheat bread or or or...CASSEROLES.
i have never cared to do genealogy. oh sure,i did my little pedigree chart in merry miss class, but the bug never bit me. it bit my grandmother big time. she had a suitcase full of pedigree charts, pictures, and eventually floppy disks. i loved the stories she told and admired what she was doing,but the excitement never caught on.
it was just a few years ago that i went through the temple for my own ordinances and i have been attending the temple regularly ever since. when a close friend gave me one of her names from her genealogy work, it kind of opened my eyes. doing this for someone i know opened my eyes to the excitement of it all.
i signed up for the new church website,but quickly grew disinterested.
recently another friend said she really wanted to start doing temple work for her family and would i help her? of course! we joked a little about how we know nothing about even starting the whole process. my ward has a great family history specialist, so i am sure i will start there.
Elder Scott's(i think it was him)talk further inspired me to just get off my butt and do this. people are waiting.


  1. I hate journals. I think that most people are boring and I see no point in documenting that

  2. me too. i have only kept one sporadically since the church really encourages us to. otherwise, i probably wouldnt do it at all. i burned a few journals from when i was married, but have kept the others. they are boring, with a few exceptions during the teenage years. that can be funny to look back on, but when i think about it, i really dont want anyone else reading it. even after i am dead. boring or humiliating.

  3. Well, you post to your blog frequently and candidly, and it isn't boring. Maybe it can be your journal. :)

  4. good point, but i imagine by time my posterity down the line gets to it, reading a blog will be like finding the dead sea scrolls or reading sanskrit.